FAQ (old)



Q. What are your current operational hours?

     A. Beginning August 21, we will open daily at 5 PM. 

Q. Do I need to wear a mask when entering the movie theatre?

  1. With limited exceptions, patrons and staff must wear a face covering at all times while in the theatre. Exceptions to this policy include those unable to wear face coverings including children under 2 years of age and individuals with certain medical/physical conditions that inhibit their ability to safely wear face coverings. Face coverings may be removed for the limited purpose and limited time period necessary to consume food and beverages.

Q. Can I reserve my seat online?

  1. Yes! In addition to being able to purchase your ticket online, you can now select your seat. The online ticketing system will walk you through the process to choose your seat(s).

Q. How does the new reserved seating system work?

  1. Gross-Alaska Theatres has invested in a reserved seating system and implemented dynamic seat buffering. In an effort to reduce auditorium capacity and ensure social distancing is maintained, two seats on either side of the patron’s party will remain blocked off/unoccupied. Auditoriums will remain at less than 50% capacity.

Q. Can I sit with my family/friends in the auditorium or does every seat have two seats blocked off on either side?

  1. You are welcome to sit directly beside your family members or those in your group.

Q. Once I am in the auditorium, can I change my seat?

  1. We ask that you remain in your seat to ensure that proper social distancing is observed. However, if you determine that the seat you chose is not to your liking, you may visit the box office and change your seat.

Q. Can I still purchase tickets at the theatre box office?

  1. Yes, you can still purchase your admission ticket at the theatre box office. However, we are recommending customers purchase online as a way to reduce person-to-person contact. Purchasing online will also give you a better chance at scoring your favorite seat!

Q. Can I reserve my seat when purchasing my ticket at the box office?

  1. Yes. When you purchase your ticket, both online and at the theatre box office, you will now have the ability to choose your seat(s).

Q. How and where can I buy gift cards?

  1. Gross-Alaska gift cards can be purchased at the theatre or online. Gift cards can be purchased at the theatre during business hours and the corporate office Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Gift cards make a great gift for any occasion! They never expire and can be used on admissions and concessions at all locations. Gift cards should be treated like cash.

Q. How do I check the balance of my gift card?

  1. You can check the balance of your Gross-Alaska gift card on our website. Click on the "Check Gift Card Balance" button and input 10-digit number found on the back of the gift card.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

  1. Yes. Gross-Alaska Theatres accept both Visa and Mastercard at all box office and concession locations.

Q. Do you accept cash?

  1. In an effort to keep our employees and patrons safe, we are not accepting cash at this time. However, we would be happy to exchange cash for a Gross-Alaska Theatre gift card which can be used for admission or at concession. Note that gift cards may only be purchased with exact change at the theatre box office.

Q. Can I still walk-in and purchase concession items even if I’m not seeing a movie?

  1. Yes. We will be opening early for those would like to purchase concession snacks.

Q. Is the 20th Century Theatre open?

  1. The 20th Century Theatre will not be opening at this time.

Q. What is included in Gross-Alaska’s COVID-19 mitigation plan?

  1. Gross-Alaska has an extensive mitigation plan aligned with guidance put forth by the CDC, OSHA, Department of Labor, and WHO. Protocols can be reviewed in detail within the “Health and Safety” tab on our website and available at each theatre location. Gross-Alaska’s employee orientation has been revised to include comprehensive training on COVID-19 safety protocols, including: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Hand Hygiene, Disinfection and Maintenance, and Physical Distancing.

Q. What does the "NO PASSES" mean on a movie title?

  1. "No pass" movies are not eligible for discounts or courtesy passes due to our licensing agreement with the film studio. Gross-Alaska gift cards are always valid, regardless of "no pass" restriction.

Q. How much does admission cost?


General Admission $12.25

Children (2-12) $8.50

Seniors (65+) $8.50

Military (Sun-Thurs) $8.75



General Admission $11.75

Children (2-12) $8.50

Seniors (65+) $8.50

Military (Sun-Thurs) $8.75



General Admission $8.75

Children (2-12) $7.50

Seniors (65+) $7.50




General Admission: $14.25



General Admission: $13.75

Children: $10.50

Seniors (65+): $10.50

Military (Sun-Thurs): $11.75



General Admission: $11.75

Children (2-12): $10.00

Senior (65+): $10.00

Q. When are bargain nights?

Glacier Cinemas: Monday

Ketchikan Coliseum Theatre: Tuesday

Q. Are assistive listening devices available?

  1. Assistive Listening Devices are available at all Gross-Alaska locations for visually impaired patrons. Ask at the box office for assistive listening headsets, audio description headsets and closed captioning devices. Please note that not all movies are compliant with closed captions and/or audio descriptions.

Q. How do I get to the corporate office?

  1. The Gross-Alaska corporate office is located at 222 Front Street, Suite 600 in downtown Juneau. To reach the office, enter the door two down from the 20th Century Theatre entrance. Use the stairs or elevator and go to the 6th floor. Our office is open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Q. I left something at the theatre. Do you have a lost & found?

  1. Please call our corporate office at 586-3634. You can also email us with a description of the item and details about when it was left behind/lost.

Q. Can I rent the theatres?

  1. Yes, the theatres are available for rental! The rental fee is $250 plus admission for each person attending. There is a minimum of 50 people required. The concession stand is open for rentals and there is NO outside food or drink permitted. Rentals must take place outside of our normally scheduled showtimes. Film choices are limited to the film playing at the theatre on the date of the rental. If you would like a different film, special arrangements can be made for an additional fee. If you have any further questions please contact Kenny Solomon-Gross, VP of Operations at (907) 586-3634 or email us.

Q. How can I request a donation from Gross-Alaska?

  1. To be considered for donation of movie passes for charitable purposes, please email the request on your organization’s letterhead, or mail it to the Gross-Alaska corporate office at 222 Front Street, Suite 600, Juneau, Alaska 99801. Once a request is submitted, it will be considered. A donation is not guaranteed.

Q. What are sensory sensitive shows?

  1. Sensory sensitive movie showings are especially for children with sensitivity to light and sound to enjoy their movie theatre experience in a positive and accepting environment. The sound is low, the lights are up, and children can move about the theatre. There are no ads or previews shown, and parents can bring gluten-and casein-free snacks.

Q. How can I work at Gross-Alaska?

  1. Gross-Alaska is always looking for friendly, hardworking, and dependable individuals who enjoy movies and customer service. Submit an application online or apply in person at any of our locations.

Q. How do I advertise my business or organization on-screen?

  1. Please contact Alaska Grafix online or via email.



In cooperation with the MPAA and the new guidelines regarding “R” rated films, we will no longer offer child admission prices to “R” rated films. The new “R” rating states “R” rated films are generally not suitable for children under 17.” For this reason and for the comfort and enjoyment of all our customers, we will no longer offer child admission rates to “R” rated films and encourage you to not bring children to “R” rated features.